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The Article Information By Nima Lama Following with the Information from Dr Gupta no one must die of Cancer except out of Carelessness

Nima Lama shared a post. April 4 at 12:18 AM *May Your Life Ahead Bloom With Compassion!!! *May Peace Prevail On Earth!!! *Jewels Of Wisdom From My Heart To Your Heart!!! : *World Is A Ball Of Magic! – Buddhist Teaching *You Are The Reason For All That Occurs To You! – Lord Buddha *All That You … Read more

The Imperial Villa of Oplonti in Torre Annunziata

The Imperial Villa of Oplonti in Torre Annunziata The first systematic excavations, with the public intervention of the State, to bring back to light the Villa A Detta of Poppea, were had in the year 1964, under the supervision of prof.A.De Franciscis and the direction of prof.G. Maggi assisted by dr. S.De Caro. Today the … Read more

Anna’s D. Manicotti Of Mediterranean Taste

  Anna’s Manicotti recipe From the old City of Torre Annunziata: RECIPE: 20 Large Manicotti 6   Cups of Ricotta cheese 10  Cups of  Shredded Mozzarella cheese 8    Tablespoons of chopped Basil 2    26-ounces prepared spaghetti meat sauce 1     cup of romano mix with parmesan cheese Pre Cook Manicotti to a boil with … Read more


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