A Little Flavor Of Mediterranean Home Cooking

One Of My Wife and My Mother Recipe

This is a  Dendorline Chicken Recipe One of My Mother and My wife 

This is the recipe. Two bunch of danderlines cut the bottom and rinse boil to about 20 min than in the colander cut the danderlines in small pieces in to a big pot with a whole chicken, fill up with water medium heat and danderline on to the pot with chicken, add one or two 0nion one cup a cut salary in small chunks one envelope of onion soup , less of one quarter cup of olive oil salt and pepper then cook the chicken until done, when the chicken is done take the chicken out and cut in small pieces and put it back in the pot with the danderline cook a bit longer until chicken is tender, beat three eggs and add to the pot and keep stirring until dissolved then add couple spoon of Romano cheese then try the chicken for salt make sure you let the water in the pot to cook half way in to the pot then taste it and should be done .

Enjoy it is very tasty and cheap.

P.S  If   you cannot find Danderline ,you can use Escarole or Andive 

From the city of Torre Annunziata and Naples Italy Home Towns


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