The Imperial Villa of Oplonti in Torre Annunziata

The Imperial Villa of Oplonti in Torre Annunziata
The first systematic excavations, with the public intervention of the State, to bring back to light the Villa A Detta of Poppea, were had in the year 1964, under the supervision of prof.A.De Franciscis and the direction of prof.G. Maggi assisted by dr. S.De Caro.
Today the villa has a small number of rooms, over eighty, on a total area of ​​10,000 square meters.
The construction of this sontuosa dimora dates back to the middle of the first century aC, with a first impossibly extended with respect to the east axis. – west, later. its appearance took on a completely Hellenistic connotation, through the opening of splendid porticos.
this paragraph was taken from a sample named Oplonti to explain some of the information of the Villa of Oplonti named Poppea, excavated from the ruins of the earthquake and eruption of 79 dC and 69 dC, and buried the intact city under the ashes killing any one who fails to escape in some cases you can see the skeleton still intact or turned to stone with images of animals and human skulls.
these are in the Pompeii excavations ten minutes from the center of Torre Annunziata
I have seen this villa many times and the beauty of the paintings on the concrete wall is still visual after so many centuries
Human remains from the ruins of Pompeii 10 minutes from Villa Poppea

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